thisisprisms asked:

I know that that's a bit strange to ask, and chances are I'm no good, that I can't write music, and my tracks are shit. But for real, I am confident in my ability as a songwriter, producer, beatmaker, and musician. So much so that I'm asking. I have a lot to offer the music world, and I want to be a part of the conversation. I have lots to contribute.

seeszarun answered:

My version of your statement 1 year ago : chances are I’m not light skinned I’m 150 lbs 5”4 from the smallest town ever with NO music training and not a vocal coach to my name my music is “aiight” but I’m no Sade no bjork no Miles Davis none of my clothes even fit and I don’t lotion ..fuck it” … Even without an ounce of faith In myself I’m still not doing so bad . Imagine had I actually believed from the start ? Let God work . Put whatever it is in the world .. Will it into existence . Bless you

I got some nice advice from SZA.

Amazing interview with Rick Rubin, one of the many collaborators behind Yeezus. 

Couple of Gems:

"There’s a tremendous power in using the least amount of information to get a point across"

"You’re so close to something when you write it that it’s hard to have any perspective on how it hits someone else. My job is to be a professional version of the outside world. A listener who is not attached to any of it, who doesn’t know the story of how it was written, who doesn’t know how it works, who doesn’t know why this is important to you."